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Originally Posted by Timothy McClure View Post
I need to change the category rows from 3 to 4. After reading the threads previously posted, I attempted the change but was unsuccessful. I am using 1and1 as a host for my website and need to integrate the shop there.

I copied the html code on the 1and1 site and changed the category number to 4 from 3. This did change the number of rows, but the last (4th) category is unlinked. I am assuming since I did this on the external site it is not translating back to Ecwid properly. Not sure what to do.

Please help,

Most likely that Ecwid is inserted into a narrow container in your site, i.e. the width of this container doesn’t allow to have 4 categories per row. Ecwid has responsive layout (which allows it to automatically adapt to any size of screen or container), so the fourth category may not fit in and hence is moved to the next line. That is why you still see 3 categories per row.

Please, send me a link to your store so that I can say for sure what happens.