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Originally Posted by Asheatl View Post
First of all - you really need to have better customer service. I have been trying to access my upgraded store for days but the screen is greyed out. I paid to upgrade my store last week but I cannot access the screen WHY??? I tried chatting with sales, sending emails to you but NOTHING - no help and no response. I need to be able to offer my discount coupons today.
I am very sorry that you had such experience with Ecwid.

As a Wix Premium user, please feel free to contact us via live chat. The chat link is placed in the right upper corner of your Ecwid control panel. Please, check the screenshot:

I inspected your control panel and it is working perfectly for me at the moment. Discount coupon feature is available in your control panel > Promotions > Discount coupons page.

In case the issue persists, please provide us with some extra details and we will do further troubleshooting.
- Please send a screenshot of the whole page where the issue appears.
- Please check how your control panel works in various web browsers. Please, send the name and version of web browser, which you use and operating system installed on your computer.
- Try to turn off all extensions/plugins in your web browser and load your control panel again.
- Are you using an antivirus program? If so, please disable it temporarily to see if it has any impact.
- Try to access the control panel from another computer that is linked to another internet provider. It will indicate if the problem is within the internet provider.
- If after these steps you still aren’t able to access discount coupons in Ecwid control panel, please send us a HAR file. In order to get this file try to load a page with Ecwid in Chrome browser, right-click on the site area and choose “Inspect element”. The popup like window appear, where you should select “Network”. Then right-click on this white area and select “Save as HAR with Content”. Please refer to this article for more detailed information:

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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