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Originally Posted by Sofias Store View Post
I can't access the admin panel to ecwid store to edit products via yola.

I have paid ecwid gold account via yola. I can just see this window (see attached image) which keeps flashing to white.

I have now realized i can access ecwid directly via its own control panel (and this works fine) but just thought id let you know as its annoying for Yola customers. Its not my internet connection as tried elsewhere too and no problem loading other sites.

Further research has revealed that the problem appears only in IE and Safari browsers if cookies level is set to 'block 3rd party cookies'. It impacts only the yola login form, you can still sign in using page.

So if you encounter this problem when trying to access the admin panel via, please follow one of the below workarounds:
1. To use Chrome or Opera browser
2. To sign in through page, you'll get to the Ecwid control panel where you'll be able to manage your Ecwid store as well
3. To change cookies setting:
- in IE: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced, select 'Accept' under Third-party Cookies, click OK twice.
- in Safari: Preferences > Privacy > select 'Never' under Block Cookies

We're searching for a solution that will allow the yola login form to work with 'block 3rd party cookies' setting enabled.
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