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As always, thanks for your expert advice.

I was concerned that adding the categories to the right column would push the other links too far down the page, so I just moved the shopping bag there. I think it doesn't look too bad.

Two more issues:

1. Can I remove the text "Category: Store", which appears above the category images? It doesn't have any purpose. It already says "Store" above the category list on the left side of the page. If it's removed, will the category images move up on the page? Right now they are not really aligned to anything else.

2. Can I move the position of the "Sign in" link? It looks weird just sitting in the middle of the page. Perhaps I can move it to just above the top category image (right justified)?
Also, can I change the size of that text if I want?

I've attached a link to a sample layout that shows the effect of these kinds of changes. Please tell me if it is possible to make them (and how!).