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I love the new iframe functionality in facebook and the ability that ecwid brings. Take a look at the facebook store that I added with just a basic html page and ecwid js code. The html page was then set up in a facebook app. I used a width of 500PX in the html page so that everything fit without a problem.

I preferred the old FB page with the Tabs across the top, instead of these dodgy little links in the left hand pane. Seems to me FB is trying to hide our creations.
Well, at least they allow renaming the tabs and using iframes now! : -)

I love Ecwid, i think u guys have done a fantastic job of a multi-purpose shopping cart. Just don't ever disappear into the ether, otherwise all our products will disappear.
Our other e-commerce products have already been on the market for 8+ years, so we, Ecwid, will have the awesome future as well : -) We have very big long-term plans for it.
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