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Originally Posted by Grandma View Post
I think the improvements that was mentioned the other day is spot on. The real store without having to click the "open my store" (which it seems no one of my friends understood) and getting rid of the random stuff is a great improvement.
Well, the app tabs are still limited and very narrow. If you don't like the "Open my store" button, the custom FB tab is the best solution. Even ASOS follows this way: : -)

Originally Posted by Shawn Granger View Post
Yes that is what I really need. Then I could promote to fans of the product, not just my personal fans. For me there is a difference, a big one. The fans / friends of each are almost completely different.
Well, unfortunately FB doesn't provide out of the box solutions to share products on a page's wall. However, the solution exists. Create direct links to your products using this way: Then share them on your page's wall manually.

We will think if it is possible to create a tool which will make this process easier.
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