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Originally Posted by Caryn Casey View Post
I don't want the viewer to be able to click on it, just read it and have the reviews nestled in amongst the products. this is at the clients request.
No, I am afraid there is no such built-in functionality in Ecwid. As a workaround, you can consider switching the availability for those special products to 'Out of stock' - this way they won't be available for purchase. If you want to hide prices for such products across the store, you will need to create a script on your site that will automatically detect those products on the current page and change their layout (hide prices etc).

Also, as I suggested in my previous message, since those special products are not in fact products, you can create separate pages on your site for them - I mean they are not supposed to be sold and they are not part of the inventory. Thus it would be much easier to create a couple of extra pages on your site and place texts and some reviews modules there.

So I'm guessing that the productID number only works on the product page and not the categoryPage?

I saw a piece of script that works off the 0.00 but it didn't work for me. Is there a if product # is 000000 then don't show title or price?
Products SKUs must be unique in Ecwid, so, I am afraid, it won't be possible to assign 00 SKUs to several products. It's better to make them out of stock for identifying.
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