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Originally Posted by Rene Winkler View Post
we want to use the Shop as a B2B shop. Is it possible with ECWID?
For example we don´t want to show prices if someone is not a client.
And the clients shall get a password to log in.

Hi René,

Yes, you can use your Ecwid store this way. There are two ways of how you can organise it:

1. If you embed Ecwid to a website, you can use the tools of your website and make the page with Ecwid store password-protected. Thus, when a user gets to your website, they will see a pop-up that will request to enter a password. You should send that password only to your clients. All other users without the password will not be able to see the store.

2. If you are going to use Starter site, you can hide the prices with the help of CSS codes. For example, you can add your clients to a Customer group and hide the prices from unregistered users. Please, refer to the article for more details:

Feel free to write back if any new questions arise, I'll be glad to clarify. Thanks.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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