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Originally Posted by a.belinskiy View Post
We have a single product e-book store. If customer likes he is supposed just to press a "buy" button and go staight to a payment gateway. No shopping cart, no details needed. It should be as simle as possible. I can't find a way how to skip shopping cart and order details steps. Please advise
The nature of the buying process in Ecwid is based on our long experience and the experience of our clients. It definitely meets the requirements of vast majority of merchants. Each step in this process is important:
The cart page lets a customer see and edit what exactly and in what amount he is buying. It also gives customers an opportunity to see the estimated cost of his order including shipping and taxes before they decide to pay.
The shipping details page is an interface for a customer to get the exact shipping charges for an order and select an appropriate delivery option.
The payment details page allows a customer to select desired payment option and provide their billing details. Billing address is required by the most of the payment gateways, so the 'Payment details' checkout step cannot be skipped.
Finally, after the payment (either within the Ecwid or in an online payment system), a customer sees the order confirmation page, which lets him know that an order is placed. A customer can also see the order details and print invoice there (most customers prefer to have such an ability for making sure that all has been done correctly).

So we think it is the correct way. On the other hand, Ecwid surely allows to tweak the checkout process in your store in different ways, you can manage the corresponding settings in Ecwid control panel (System settings → General → Cart). For example, you can make it mandatory or optional for your customers to create an account at the checkout or to provide a phone number. Moreover, a new feature is being added soon, it will allows to customize checkout fields in Ecwid in more convenient way.

I also can suggest a few things that can simplify the checkout process in your case.
1. Use the payment option in Ecwid which doesn't ask for a customer address on the store's site: Paypal Express checkout. Ecwid still requires the billing info, but a customer enters it on payment gateway site.

2. Hide the optional 'Password' block at the 'Payment details' step of the checkout.
Please refer to this thread for the information of how to do it:

3. Hide the 'Sign in' link in the store.
This article in our database describes how to do it:

4. Redirect a customer instantly to the 'Checkout' page after a product is added to the cart(skip the cart page).
In order to do it you will need to use a special JavaScript code which will use the Ecwid Javascript API for handling the Ecwid 'OnPageLoad' event. The code looks like this:
if (                                                                                                                 
  typeof(Ecwid) == 'object'                                                                                          
  && typeof(Ecwid.OnPageLoad) == 'object'                                                                            
) {                                                                                                                  
  Ecwid.OnPageLoad.add(function(page) {                                                                              
    // Redirect user if needed                                                                                       
    if (                                                                                                             
      typeof(page) == 'object'                                                                                       
      && 'CART' == page.type                                                                                         
    ) {                                                                                                              
      window.location.hash = 'ecwid:mode=checkoutPD';                                                                
Please notice, that the code above should be inserted after the Ecwid integration code on the page where your store is installed.
The line "window.location.hash = 'ecwid:mode=checkoutPD'" will be executed (a visitor will be redirected) right after the cart page is loaded. This way the cart step will be skipped. However you should keep in mind that this way a customer will not be able to change or clear the cart contents or to enter a discount coupon since those are available only on the cart page.
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