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Originally Posted by Dre Slaman View Post

The script is gone - thank you. But the customers are being redirected to my home page instead of the "thank you" page. I have tested the url that I inserted into the "var confirmationPageURL = "";" section by copy and pasting it into my web browser and the URL works fine on its own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have inspected your site. The reason of the issue is your Ecwid store is displayed in a frame on the store page. The custom script discussed in this thread is placed in that frame too, thus it cannot redirect a visitor by changing a 'window.location' variable. In order to fix it you should use the '' property instead. Please replace this line in your code:
window.location = confirmationPageURL;
with this one:
Code: = confirmationPageURL;
Hope it helps.
Matt K
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