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Originally Posted by Andrew G. W. Sweeney View Post
I am having trouble understanding how to manage tax rules in Canada, when I go to add a tax rule it only has an option for the country of Canada. Is there not an easy way to individually input each provinces tax? I realize I can manage destination zones but I cant seem to get any further than that, I click the button add state and I have added all the provinces of Canada, but there is not option to write in tax rules for those destinations. If I don't add a tax rule for Canada at all, and leave the destination zones (provinces) checked will it automatically add the tax dependent on where product is being shipped?

Well, applying a different tax to each province or even town is totally possible. Basically, any tax rule is applied to some particular destination zone, as you correctly figured. So, we can divide the task into two steps:

Step one would be creating a separate destination zone for each zone that is going to have individual tax rate. This can be done in your Ecwid control panel > System settings > Zones section.
Just as an example, we can presume that there are 3 different tax rates: in several provinces with same taxes, let's call them A, a different rate in one province B, and another rate in town C.
So, zone A would include Canada in the "countries" list, and only those several A provinces in "States" list.
Zone B will have Canada in "countries" list, and only the province B in "States" list."
Zone C would include Canada in "Countries", and only the zip codes used in town C in zip codes list - this will make the zone point to a particular town only.

The following article explains it in detail:

Step two would be easy: after you've created a tax in your Ecwid control panel > System Settings > Taxes, you'll need to simply create new rate for each zone, and assign the zone to it. Here's an with details:

Hope this helps!