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Originally Posted by Jake Ball View Post
Hi There

I have essentially added subcategories, within a subcategory in my shop

However I dont like how it creates the pop up menu of the two categories when i hover over the category.

I would rather it not show the menu and just clicked straight to the page where the two subcategories are display.

Would someone be able to provide me with the code that would fit this as I have only been able to find the codes for standard subcategories, not a subcategory of a subcategory (If you get what I mean)

Many Thanks

If you don’t want the subcategories are being seen in the pop-up window, please add this code to your CSS theme (“System settings”>”Design”):

div.ecwid-categories-MenuBarPopup {
visibility: hidden !important;

this will help. Please, let me know if you need further help.
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