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Single product widget is HTML code which you can add to any page and customize in any way you wish. Although, some elements are added as scripts, and so you can’t modify these very elements (e.g. thumbnail, “add to bag” button), you can still replace them with your own html code.
I.e. if you need to set a link from product image to any page, you should do the following:
1) When copying product code (from your Ecwid Control Panel-> Catalog-> Product Page-> HTML Code) uncheck “Thumbnail” in “Widget Components” section.
2) Insert the code to the page where you want product to appear. (You’ll see that there’s no product image on the page. This is because “Thumbnail” was unchecked)
3) Add any image to the code and add <a href > link over this image to the page you need.

The HTML code for product could look like this (it depends on how you want to position it):
<a href=""> 
<img class="gwt-Image" src="" alt="Apple" title="Apple" style="width: 160px; height: 152px; margin: auto;"> 
Replace (it leads to the page with information about <a href> links) with URL of the page you want image to lead to.