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It is totally possible to drag many existing categories into a category in the Ecwid control panel, Products → Categories.

The indicator on the right (a dark vertical line meaning that you are dragging to the inside of the category under the cursor) only appears when the target category is collapsed (notice the [-] or the [+] button to the left of it). So you can just collapse the target category and then drag another subcategory into it. Once you do it, the target category automatically unfolds once again.

However, when the taget category is unfold and its subcategories are visible, you can drag in another subcategory in between those existing subcategories (or a bit above or below the only one subcategory), so that a dark horizontal line appears. This way you can conveniently drag and drop more subcategories and at the same time sort them in the list.

I have just tryed both ways (collapsing the root category and dragging in between the subcategories of an unfold root category), both ways allow me to add any number of subactegories into a root category.