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Question Subcatagories - already made

So I have a store with many items in it and root categories are sorted. Now I need to clean up my initial shop page so that it is not so overwhelming for the consumer.
But I am trying to link some root categories and change them to subcategories, under already existing root categories. But I am not understanding how to do that with more than one item.

I see that you can drag a root category, wait until there is an blinking icon by the category that you wish to put it into and then drop it. But when you try to do another category and put it into the same root category, it will not allow you, you have to put it under the sub category that you just dropped, making for a three tier ....and so on. Initially I want to be able to combine about 7 categories and change them all to subcategories, all under the same root category. But I cannot figure out a way to do this. Is there a way?
Any help would be much appreciated.