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Originally Posted by Cynthia Tucker View Post
The cart used to show up as a pop up on my non-store pages. I didn't like the pop up, so after spending a long time with Ecwid agent, we managed to have the cart show up like a regular page, even if the user was on a "Store Policies" page, they could now click the "Shopping Bag" and the cart would load as a normal page.
But NOW ~ the "Shopping Bag" shows up on those non-store pages even when there is 0 (no items) in cart. (It doesn't do that on the store pages). I don't want to have the BAG floating around with "0" when the customer just wants to read a non store page. I DO want the BAG floating around if there is product in the bag.
(Every time I get a problem solved, somehow another is created by solving the previous one.)

I am sorry that you faced this issue.

I examined your website to understand why the described problem appears. I went to one of the pages with your products, added an item to the cart - the shopping cart appeared in the right bottom corner of the page. I opened the cart and deleted the item, the shopping cart became empty and disappeared from the page. I also went to other website pages, to see if the empty shopping cart appears there. It didn’t. The shopping cart seems to work just the way it should for me.

Do you still have this problem? If so, please write back with the following details:
  • what browser you’re using
  • what operating system you’re using( mac, windows, a mobile device)
I will examine your store in the same environment.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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