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Default Shipping price problems

Hi there

I have been using the "visit store front" option to run test sales and have 2 problems with shipping.

I have set up New Zealand as a zone and added states. In user defined shipping methods I have added 2 shipping methods, urban and rural e.g.

Urban 1-500g, 1-3 days $2.90 per order
Rural 1-500g, 4-7 days $7.90 per order
I use courier satchels which are a set price regardless of weight, the couriers only charge more if it is a rural delivery.

1st problem - when I get to the checkout screen both options are showing however they are both the same price even though I have specified in the systems settings that rural is more expensive. I need it to show Urban = $2.90 and Rural = $7.90

2nd problem - for every item I add to an order and additional shipping charge is added even though I have specified that it is $2.90 or $7.90 PER ORDER, not per item. If are customer orders 1 items and opts for urban shipping it is $2.90, if a customer orders 10 items for urban delivery it should also be $2.90, not $29

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. I just really, really want to make my shop live without any hassles for my customers!