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Originally Posted by Saras Store789 View Post
I have found that if you put the following red highlighted tags in the HTML it will fix the problem of scheme errors.

<div dmle_widget="html" class="dmCustomHtml" id="">
<div class="ecwid ecwid-SingleProduct ecwid-Product ecwid-Product-" itemscope="" itemtype="" data-single-product-id="">
<div itemprop="image">
<div class="ecwid-title" itemprop="name"><b>Product Description</b></span>
<div itemtype="" itemscope="" itemprop="offers">
<div class="ecwid-productBrowser-price ecwid-price" itemprop="price"><b>$10.00</b></span>

Its a pain in the butt to do this for every product though.

Recently Google crawlers started understanding a site content delivered dynamically by means of Javascript.

It means, there is no need to use a workaround that is suggested by Vitaly in this post anymore: Now Google can natively read the price and name of the product added on your site with the help of embed HTML product code.

For more details, please, refer to this post on our forums:

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Thank you!
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