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To fix the errors on your embedded code, simply type the information within the code where it needs to be placed. To prevent the price from appearing 2x on your website, put the price with span tags. Here is an example.

<div class="ecwid-SingleProduct-picture"><a href="!/Flip-Flop-Sandals/p/56830362/category=13432605"><img class="gwt-Image"

src="" alt="Flip-Flop Sandals" title="Flip-Flop Sandals" style="width: 230px; height: 230px;

margin: auto;">

<div class="ecwid ecwid-SingleProduct ecwid-Product ecwid-Product-56830362" itemscope itemtype="" data-single-product-id="56830362"><div class="ecwid-title" itemprop="name">Flip-Flop Sandals</div><div itemtype="" itemscope itemprop="offers"><div class="ecwid-productBrowser-price ecwid-price" itemprop="price"><span>₱180</span></div></div></div><script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script><script type="text/javascript">xSingleProduct()</script>

Items such as 'add to bag' do not need to be marked up. In this example, I removed the addtobag button and made the image clickable. Edit as you like...

For ecwid single product pages, you can add a sample code like this from

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Product",
"name": "Flip-Flop Sandals",
"image": "",
"description": "Customize your very own Flip-Flop Sandals! These sandals have durable, white foam on top for printing your unique design. The straps and bottoms are solid black. This item is sold as a pair and comes in three different sizes. Please note that this product can be personalized using both images and / or text. Simply upload your desired high-resolution image during the checkout process.",
"availability": "In Stock",
"price": "180",
"priceCurrency": "PHP"

This code was generated at

For reference purposes, these sample codes are located at

Both, my store pages and single product pages are now completely marked up with zero errors. Hope this helps...