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Originally Posted by CHIKARA Inc View Post
We are having this same issue again on this item - SKU 00441

Are you saying that if one of the options is set with a limited quantity, all options must be a limited quantity in order for it to work?

Currently our item is set up with the following options --

First Row (Qty. 46)
Second Row (Qty. 55)
General Admission (Qty. Unlimited)

Does it need to be changed to the following in order for quantities to update properly?

First Row (Qty. 46)
Second Row (Qty. 55)
General Admission ( Qty. 800)

Please review issue because we keep overselling our First and Second rows due to this issue and have to offer refunds.
Ecwid tracks inventory only for these products and variations of options for which you set in-stock quantity. If a product in a particular variation of options is available in unlimited quantities that doesn’t prevent Ecwid from tracking inventory for other product variations.

The number of products available in stock is updated automatically once the customer finalizes the purchase and places the order, so the only way to oversell a product is to have multiple customers simultaneously place orders for more products than it is available in stock (please check this post for details).

If you feel that this is not what happened when you oversold a product in your store this surely isn’t correct behavior of inventory tracking and we’ll need to investigate this. Please let us know exact date and time (make sure to mention your time zone) when this happened so that we could check our logs and find out what happened exactly.
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