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Hello Terry,

It is possible to change any text in your Ecwid storefronts. In order to do it you just need to add a special JavaScript code with the updated labels into the source code of your site's pages as described in this article:

As far as I can see, you've already added the JavaScript code with translations on your store page. Since this very code informs Ecwid that some labels should be changed, it needs to be placed on every page where Ecwid widgets appear. So if you want your custom translations work on another page (or another site), where you placed your storefront, you should place this code there too.

However, when using our official Ecwid application for Facebook it is not possible to override labels at the moment because it restricts modifying the page code and the application canvas. You may consider creating your own FB application with needed customizations for your Ecwid store though: - this way you will be able to control the source code of your Ecwid pages on Facebook, but making your own apps is a laborious way. If you need help with it, you are welcome to contact our colleagues from Qualiteam: They will be glad to help you.

As for the mobile catalog, it is generated on the server side so it cannot be modified by means of any custom javasctipt codes. In other words, the mentioned method for changing the text labels cannot be used there. However, there is a related suggestion in our ideas base - "Multilanguage for mobile catalog". Please, feel free to vote for it to get it implemented in Ecwid sooner:
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