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Default how to automatize invoice sending to buyer's email ?

Hi, in France it is mandatory to send an invoice upon being paid.
Ecwid sends a confirmation notice after purchase.
What must I do so, each time a customer purchased something from my online shop, to have him receive a corresponding email and a copy to our back office.
Is it necessary to go by Ecwid export tool ? could you give me precise instructions to achieve this, and, if it is necessary to buy a service from Ewid, I want to do it: shortly we will be overwhelmed because of the launching of an affiliation program, and we cannot manually take care of each and every invoice: it must be automated, by bulk (batches).
My idea was to buy Quickbooks + Ecwid export tool but there is not such a Quickbooks in french, so I look for other solutions. Our issue is not accounting purpose, just legal: we must send out an invoice for each and every sale paid. Thanks for you answer. Michel