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Default How can I disable one shipping method for certain items?

I offer the International large envelope rate for my flat 2d paper items. Unfortunately, this means it is offered at check out for any 3d items that weigh under 1 pound. I have added an option to all 3d items that customers have to check which says, "I understand that I can not choose the International Envelope shipping rate as this item is 3 dimensional." However, even though they check that box, they insist on choosing the International Envelope rate for 3d items. It's driving me bonkers as I have to email them and ask for the correct package rate difference by sending them a PayPal invoice or delete the 3d items from their order and issue a refund. Isn't there anyway that we can select the shipping methods in the product listings so this doesn't happen? I want to go in to the 3d items and check that it can not go for the International Envelope rate.