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Default Problem with CSV products import

Dear All,

Seems like I am having an issue importing my test products using CSV and I can't really get the problem. I have attached the CSV file that I am using and it keeps telling me that there's some problem with the price here. When I remove price from the CSV, I start having an error with the fixed shipping rate. Seems like I am having a problem with putting numbers here. Can you, please, take a look at this problem and advise HOW I should write the numbers so that the import worked? I need to fix that because I will have over a thousand products and I really want to utilize ALL the possibilities of CSV import as I will need to do a lot of things by hand any way.

I am appreciating your help in advance!

Best regards,

P.S. Sorry if I missed a thread with same issue =( I really tried to find the solution BEFORE posting a new thread!

Sorry for bothering, guys! I have managed to solve the issue by myself. The problem was that description and SKU are to be put inside "" so that the system treated it like 1 bit of info from a cell.

To be honest, the best thing you can do to make the perfect bulk upload is to enter 1 product by hand with ALL the information you want in there, then export this product, see how it is supposed to look and make the rest same way. If you are a confident MS Excel user and know how to work with columns and the combine text from different cells and actually compose a CSV, then this method works like a charm =)

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