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Originally Posted by Carrie Boudeman View Post
I've added jch optimizer to my joomla website to optimize page load speed but don't want it to include ecwid. Is there code built in to ecwid that will stop it from being cached? I found an article on ecwid forum about RocketLoader and it said to add some code before the ecwid codes in your website. Not sure if this is the same as jch.

When setting up jch it asks about excluding files but not sure what to put. Or if i even need to. I attached a pic.

Any help is appreciated

This is Rina from Ecwid Customer team. Thank you for your message!

Could you detail me why do you want to exclude Ecwid from this JCH Optimize plugin? Do you see any issues with it?

Generally, Ecwid should work correctly with this plugin.

If you have any issues with it, please clarify, what kind of problem do you have? Any screenshots and details will be much appreciated.

We'll be glad to help further. Thanks!
Rina S
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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