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Default Single item display on front page??

I support an Ecwid cart on WordPress which someone else built. Here's the entirety of the Ecwid code on our page:

<!-- Ecwid code start v0.2. Please do not remove the line below otherwise your Ecwid shopping cart will not work. --> [ecwid_script] [ecwid_minicart] [ecwid_searchbox] [ecwid_categories] [ecwid_productbrowser] <!-- Ecwid code end -->

The categories list displays on startup, but below the categories list is what I think is an Ecwid widget for our biggest selling book, Recovery by Choice. It doesn't have an "add to bag" button but if you mouse over, it displays a "drag me to the shopping cart to buy" message. Unfortunately, it's for the 3rd edition of our biggest selling book, and we just sold that item out, and have a 4th edition which is $5 more expensive.

I deleted the product entry for the 3rd edition from the Ecwid database. It's dead. But the widget or whatever it is still puts the 3rd edition, at its lower price, in the shopping cart, even though that product number doesn't exist in the catalog any more. How can this be? How can I remove this, or at least replace it with a widget for the 4th edition? I can NOT see that widget code anywhere in the page source but the link to the 3rd edition is still there.