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Originally Posted by Jane Donovan View Post
Hi, I have read a lot of the posts here and I think my problem is that I don't have the postcodes listed however how am I to know what postcodes exist all around the world? I am sure there is an easier way however I am confused. Can you please help me? Many thanks Jane Donovan.

I have checked settings in your Ecwid control panel, Zones and Shipping are setup correctly. I’ve looked through the database records and found out that Australia post returns this error: ‘Please, enter a valid Weight’. So in your case the shipping is not calculated because your products have zero weight (shipping carrier cannot estimate the delivery rate without this information). For now you should set weight for every product and shipping will be calculated well:
in Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> product page, ‘Weight’ field.

As for zip codes, sure you don’t have to know all the range of codes.
If you want to deliver your products all around Australia, you should setup this zone in the following way:
- create zone ‘Australia’
- add country ‘Australia’ to ‘countries’ field
- leave ‘states’ and ‘zip/postal codes’ fields empty.

‘Zip/postal codes’ field can be useful if you, e.g. deliver products around Australia, but shipping rates are different for specific regions within the country. In this case you can create several zones and specify them with help of zip codes. Thus shipping will be calculated for the shipping addresses with zip codes you entered in this field.
E.g., to set shipping for only Northern Territories (codes 0800, 0829, 0885...)
in Australia, you can add ‘08??’ to ‘Zip/postal codes’ field.

I hope this information will be useful. If there are further questions, feel free to ask.
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