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Originally Posted by Stacy Rose1 View Post
I have read in the forums about using Ninja Widgets back in stock notifications. I set it all up and went to upgrade the free plan and it said, "Upgrade not available". I went to their FB page and there have been no posts since 2015. I'm guessing this Ecwid extension that allows people to enter their emails and be notified when a product is back in stock is defunct. Is there a new way of doing this in Ecwid that I can't find instructions for? Please help. I want my customers to be automatically emailed when an out of stock product they are interested in is available again.
Hi Stacy,

I've already replied to you via email. Let me copy the reply here as well in case someone else gets the same question.

Back in Stock notifications app is developed by a third party company. The widget is working, but it's not supported any more. It means that you can use it as it is and they won't release any new versions or bug fixes. So, no surprise that they are not posting any news on their Facebook page. They are not promoting the app any more.

In general, you can use the App, but Ecwid is not responsible for its smooth work. You can also check the FAQ of the app here:

As for other solutions, if you have programming skills and knowledge, you can use our API to develop a similar app. If you need help, you can send a request to our Customisation team who do such work on a paid basis, here is the link to the form where you can send a request: They will examine the project and will email you further details.

Let us know if you have any questions left. Thanks!
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