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Originally Posted by Brent Obermark View Post
I was able to do that, but is there a way can for example, create page separate that has information and a description of the Deals page, and has the products on display the products instead of taking it back to the store specific page.

Or do i have to create the page with the information and have a for example a button thatll link them to that category in the store taking them to the store specific page where they can also access all the other categories?

By the way thank you for your help.
Hi there,

This is Reina from Ecwid Team. Thank you for your message!

Wix sites have a specific iframe structure — the iframes function as independent elements within the parent website page and are isolated from the rest site content. When you add Ecwid to your Wix site, the whole store is added to such an iframe to one page only. So, you can't add one category to a separate Wix page.

However, you can link any Wix element (images, buttons, menus, etc) with your Ecwid store elements (categories, products, etc).

So, I think your second solution will work well. You can create a separate Wix page when you have all the needed information for your deals and create a button that will redirect your dears to the hidden category with the products for them only.

Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be glad to answer!