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Originally Posted by jefferis1 View Post
I have downloaded the template file but it doesn't have multiple fields I need.
I am uploading a CSV file, but I have multiple categories for many items. Is there a way to import files into Sub categories and create them as you upload?

Or is there a category subcategory template CSV file I can use to create this organization?

Also, if the item is new in the store on import, do you actually fill in the product url?

At the moment in the import settings you can choose only 3 categories for one product. As I understand, you want to put your products into more than 3 categories. If one product belongs to more than 3 categories, you can put it to all the categories during the import within one CSV file. For that, you should duplicate the product's row in the spreadsheet, in the new row change only the categories' columns.

For example:

SKU | Name | Category1 | Category2 | Category3 | ...

So the file would have a few rows in succession, that differ only in category columns. Import that file in Ecwid and the product will be added to all the categories you listed.

Please, feel free to ask if you need further assistance. Thank you!
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