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Originally Posted by David Long4 View Post
What I've noticed using Chrome browser, when I clicked on a test 'Buy It Now' button, and nothing seemed to happen, I then noticed a small bag icon at the lower right corner of the browser, with the number '5' on it. It was a minimized pop-up, and there were 5 instances of the pop-up to then see.

I'm new to Chrome, so am unsure if this is a feature of this browser. I write this in case it helps others discover the 'Buy it Now' button is somewhat working.

Update: The same bag icon appears on FireFox.

Update: I use Joomla, and the custom HTML module probably accounts for this minimized pop-up behavior.
Hi David!

This is Kenga from Ecwid.
Thanks for your message.

I'm sorry to know that the 'Buy it Now' button doesn't properly work for you.

As I see, you specified this link as your Ecwid Storefront url. To my regret, I can't open this page, it returns the 403 error.

So, I decided to check how your Ecwid Starter Site works:

- I put an item to my bag
- on the Payment information page, I entered the test credit card details
- I clicked the Pay $80.65 button to confirm the payment
- As I result, I got the card_declined error message in the upper right corner. That's the expected error because I used the test credit card details. Check the video:

As you see, the Pay $80.65 button is active.

In order to check what happens on your Joomla site, we need to get access to the published page with Ecwid store. Send us the link to the page with Ecwid on your Joomla site.

We'd appreciate if you detail what steps we should perform to reproduce the same issue as you.

Also, send us a video or a screenshot of the problem.

This information will help us to troubleshoot the issue.

Always happy to hear from you!

Ecwid team