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Originally Posted by Alvaro Ivan Baena View Post
this is the problem - Customer comes to our site buys a gift, goes through the process and leaves last minute because in the paypal window (last step) these fields are populated with the recipient's information and not the person making the payment. spoken to paypal and they say this should not be the case. has anybody encountered this? & if you have any idea as to how to solve the problem I will love to hear it.
I think this is a big problem. transaction is not smooth and straight forward does not look professional and spooks customers away.
we are thinking of moving to e-path but before we do, we want to make sure we cover all the possible answers.

As I see you mean the address that are shown to customers on the PayPal site. Ecwid allows submitting two addresses: shipping (which will be the recipient's address in your store) and billing (the address of the person making the payment), and they can be different. On checkout there's an option 'My billing address is the same as shipping', it's enabled by default and the shipping address is put there automatically.
When the billing address differs, customers can uncheck this option and submit another address.

However PayPal doesn't allow sending pre-populated separate shipping and billing addresses. It allows sending one address only.
We thoroughly considered which address to send to PayPal and chose the shipping address. Thus when your customers go to PayPal to pay, they see the address of the recipient.

This decision to send the shipping address is primarily based on the fact that shipping address is much more often used by customers. Particularly, PayPal allows printing out shipping labels, therefore the orders must have correct shipping address. If we transmitted billing address, there would be a risk that customers print out shipping label with the billing addresses.

Please refer also to this post
There’s a good explanation of this case and why Ecwid sends the shipping address to PayPal.

In the current implementation, shipping address is pulled out from the one submitted in Ecwid. And when customer’s redirected to PayPal, he is still able to modify the address shown under the billing info (there’s a link ‘Change’) before completing the payment.
So this will be the solution to your situation: To have the customers change the address to their actual billing address.
Then, PayPal does have one more address form as shipping address. By default it's populated automatically with the billing address.
So we also suggest enabling option "Allow customers to change their shipping address on PayPal site": in the Account Details of your PayPal settings in your Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Payment.
Basically this option is used for such cases when shipping address isn’t verified by PayPal for some reasons, PayPal doesn’t allow completing orders and sends the customer to the store. But with the option enabled, customers can change the shipping address on PayPal side. Thus on PayPal side there will be two different addresses for billing and shipping.

As we don't control the PayPal's requirements, we can't change this implementation unfortunately. If this schema doesn't work for you well, you may want to consider using фтother payment gateway. Ecwid is integrated with many payment methods for credit card processing. For the full list of methods, please refer to
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