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Currently, Ecwid supports only one currency for one store. When you choose your store's currency in Ecwid control panel → System Settings → General → Formats & Units, it means that prices of all added products will be entered in this currency. Choosing other currency from the list on this page don't affect on product prices anyhow.

Therefore if you need to replicate your products where all prices will be in euros, you will need to change all these prices manually. You can speed up this process and don't modify each product separately from Ecwid control panel. In order to this you should:
1. Export all your products to CSV file:
- Go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products
- Click 'Export All' button in the end of the products list
- Click 'Download CSV file' and save it on your computer

2. Open CSV file containing the list of your products using Excel, Google Docs, etc.
3. Find 'Price' column there and change all price values to corresponding prices in euros.
4. Save edited CSV file
5. Import product with prices in euro to your new store:
- Go to Ecwid control panel → Catalog → Products
- Click 'Import products..' button
- Choose edited CSV file, stored on your computer
- Click 'Import' button

Once you do this all product with prices converted in euro will be transferred to your new store.

Unfortunately, Ecwid don't have currency conversion functionality yet. If you consider that it should be added to Ecwid, please, vote for this idea here. We will email you when it will be added in Ecwid.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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