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Hello Ecwid,

recently i opened a test ecwid store and tried to connect it with one of taiwan popular payment method call 7-11取貨付款。(basically this is allowed the purchaser pay its total amount at same time when he or she pick-up order goods at any preferred 7-11 store.)

to be able to do this I need to find out how to send this purchaser's minicart contents before he made place order in my ecwid store. eg to get his name, his phone, his purchased items in minicart, his total purchased amount in minicart, from ecwid to another 3rd-party system that requires those parameters.

my 3rd-party gave me a test URL which is allowed to make test (copied below).
I think what i need to do is to get this example's "123456" and "500" from my Ecwid store, and send it through the URL:

I'm not a professional programmer but had been tried to studied all related articles over these few weeks, so I understand this requires coding skill with javascript APIs/html/php..etc. Even i don't have these skill I still made some failed trials, included upgraded my ecwid account to venture program, as thought I have to....
unfortunately, up to now, I am still not able to make this happen.

Can you give me some help here? my store ID is 6152080.
thank you very much!

Sorry for the delay.

Thank you for explanation!
If I understand you correctly, you want 7-11取貨付款 (a store chain) to receive orders data from Ecwid store, right?

I can suggest you 2 options. Here they are:
You can create a custom script that will send the order data from Ecwid to 7-11. Such script will play the role of payment method in your Ecwid store.
In other words, during checkout process, on the ‘Choose payment method’ page your customers will see “Pay in 7-11” as a payment method. After a customer chooses “Pay in 7-11” option, the script will send the order details to 7-11, where you will further process the order the needed way. In return Ecwid will receive a callback from 7-11 with the information about order status (e.g. ‘Awaiting payment’ or ‘Paid’). That will help you track all successfully placed orders.

Such solution can be created by means of payment gateway emulation. Please refer to this article for more information: Authorize.Net emulation.

2) You can create an ‘Offline payment method’ e.g ‘Phone order’, name it “Pay in 7-11” and add the instructions to it (the link follows to our help center), informing your customers about how exactly they should proceed to pay for the order. The customers will place the order in Ecwid and pay for it outside Ecwid according to the given instruction.

To send the information about the orders to 7-11 you will also need to create a custom script which will use Ecwid Order API . The script will collect the information about the placed orders and send it to 7-11, where you will use it the way you need.

Both options require advanced programing skills. If you need assistance in developing such solution for your store you should hire a developer or you can contact our friends from Qualiteam. They have a huge experience in creating custom solutions for Ecwid. Just send your request here:

Have a good day!