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As far as I understand, you would like to have all you products displayed on the store page (not within any categories) so that your customers could open the store and see the products right away. Is that correct?

If so, you just need not to assign your products to any categories.

For example, at the moment I can see two products in your store - “100 CD's Duplicated” and “50 CD's Duplicated”. Both belong to “CD & DVD Duplication” category. That is why, when customers open your storefront, they see the category first, and to access the products they need to click on the category.

If you go to your Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Products and click, for example, “100 CD's Duplicated”, you will get to the “General” tab of the product details. Open the “Categories” tab and un-tick “CD & DVD Duplication” category there. Click “Save (Ctrl+S)” and have a look at the store front - “100 CD's Duplicated” product will be displayed on the store page.

After you do that for every product in your store, you can disable “CD & DVD Duplication” category completely - it can be done in Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Categories -> click on the category name and then click on [Disable] link. Save the changes and check your storefront.

If I have misunderstood your request - please clarify what exactly you would like to achieve.