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Originally Posted by Anabolic Designs View Post
Matvey, thanks for the in depth and speedy response.

That makes sense on the custom html removing all code, I assumed it just allowed 'additional' code to be inserted. So 100% got that and that's fine.

Regarding the affiliate tracking code - the error you are seeing is that the tracking code is not integrated on the Facebook app? So I need to include the code tracking in the custom html tab of the FB app?

I'm not following exactly the error there sorry I'm not a coder by background.
The error most likel meant the tracking code file trackjs.js was not loaded. Now, as far as I can see, you've modified the code and it works. Also, as I see, you included Ecwid integration codes there this time. There is an issue with Ecwid codes though - you will need to change 'http' to 'https' there as I mentioned in one of my previous messages: .

As to sales tracking, can you please specify where do you expect it to track sales?
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