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Originally Posted by tolgahan View Post
Thanks alot Vitaly, i have fixed those.

I have another question.
Now i have viewed the solution for Creating Custom Sign-in button on my Website's main page.

It shows that;

. Use this custom CSS rule to remove the current "Sign in" link

div.ecwid-productBrowser-auth {
display: none;

2. Then add a custom sign in or 'My account' link to your site, it should point to http://PATH-TO-STORE#!/~/accountSettings (replace PATH-TO-STORE with the real URL of your Ecwid store)

For example:

I have removed the CSS code but couldn't add the new link to my button.

i have set my storefront url as:

But when i save it and click my ecwid store it shows as;

Even tho i have added this link '' '' to my button but it doesnt navigate to the Sign-in page.

Could you please let me know what am i doing wrong?

Thanks alot

You can create a custom button that will lead users to the page, where they can register and sign it to their account in your Ecwid store on your website.

Let me explain this with an example
Let's say your Ecwid store page with your catalog is located here:
Then the link that you need it the following:
So after you get the correct link, you need to create a button and place it in your website.

In order to create that button you need to do the following:
- Go to Wix website editor > edit site
- Go to the page where you need to add this button
- Click Add > Buttons and menus > Button
- Give it a name 'My account' or something else you prefer
- Click on 'Link to' field and select 'Web address'
- Add that link that you created previously
- Select 'Open in the same window'
- Customise the look of your button if you need
- Save the changes

Thank you.
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