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Default Question: Multiple selection price calcuation and independent product categories on random pages

Hi there,

I'm using a wix website and have purchased premium version of the ecwid, right now im learning the program so far i liked.

I will have 2 questions that i must have in this program.

1st question;

Lets say we have 5 flight locations and their names are '' A, B, C, D, E '' A is the nearest location and E is the furthest. If a customer wants to buy a ticket from A, to B its 100 USD, A to C is 150 USD, A to E is 500 USD. but D to E is 150 USD. Due to customer's current location is unknown, i will need to create a multiple selection price calculation tool for my customers to select current location, select destination then the price must be calculated.

2nd question; There is only 1 main online store to be inserted on a wix website. That is limiting my actions on multiple pages.

For example i have few buttons that i created '' Direct flights, indirect flights, discounted flights, delayed flights, hotels '' on one of my pages. When i click on Direct flights button, i want the ecwid to view only Direct flights store and direct flights products. But it just shares the same main category with the other different product groups.
Awaiting your help on those matters.
Thank you

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