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I have one item that I'm selling in quantities of 10, 25, 50 and 100. I have a inventory count 1000. Is Ecwid capable of keeping an accurate count of my inventory? If I sell one item of the 100 count, will my inventory show a count of 900? If Ecwid isn't designed with this functionality, is there another way for me to accomplish this?

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In Ecwid it is possible to track inventory on product level. It means that you can set product quantity for each product separately. Or you can use some unit of measure for tracking the amount of your products left in stock. Product quantity automatically reduces when this product is bought.

In your case you have categories with the same product per category, sold in different packages. As far as I understand you have general amount of product and you actually form the products themselves after the order was placed. So basically you have inventory not per product but per category. Is that correct?
In this case there is no built-in tool allowing to control stock on category level.

This is possible to achieve by means of custom application, however the workaround demands programing skills, time and extra financing.
To track inventory on category level it is possible to integrate your Ecwid store with a 3d-party POS system and sync the store inventory. In order to do it you will need to create a script that will handle orders and send their data to the POS system's server for further processing. It can be done with the help of instant order notifications and order API.

If you need a custom solution for such purposes, you can contact our friends from Qualiteam at
Also, you can drop a line to the guys from They develop custom integrations for Ecwid and might help:
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