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Default Ecwid not working in NEW Wordpress site...Please Help

I just purchased and loaded a new WP theme that I plan to use for my new site. Once loaded and working I tried loading Ecwid into it. I loaded the plugin and put a link in the menu on the main page to the store page but when I click on the link in the menu I see the little bar for Ecwid in the middle of the screen but then it goes away and NOTHING. I then am unable to change pages. I have to change the address in the address bar to change screens.

If you go to the site and click on the menu items before the Store link you will see how the pages load. I would like the store page to load the same way and have the store showing in the window. Can someone check it out and maybe see what is going on? I would hate to have wasted my money on a theme that does not work with Ecwid. Everything I have read says that Ecwid will work on any WP site.

The page is


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