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Originally Posted by Jeff Palumbo1 View Post
Hello ECWID Community!

I just signed up for the free account and I'm looking to bump up to Unlimited. However, there were a couple questions I couldn't find the answers to that I was hoping the community may be able to help on. I want to offer both digital reading (from store to "library on site or on app") and PDF download. So, here are my questions:
Hello Jeff,

Thank you for contacting us!

Originally Posted by Jeff Palumbo1 View Post
1) Does ECWID allow for upload of PDF to be sold in a store? I would think yes but I have no clue how from what I can find on the site and I can't find a store doing it today.
Yes, it does! You can easily upload and sale any digital content in your Ecwid store. Learn about managing e-goods in Ecwid here:

Originally Posted by Jeff Palumbo1 View Post
2) I want to see both digital content (to the app) AND/OR PDF downloads. How can I set up my store to allow the original PDF (from question 1) become 2 different items to be sold?
If I understand your question correctly you want to sell both versions of a book paper and digital. You can easily create a product with two options—a printed book and ebook, upload a PDF as I answered in your first question and start selling.

Please mind, after customer buys this book, the PDF file will be dispatched regardless of which option your customer chooses.

If you want to prevent that, I can suggest you two workarounds.

The first and the easiest way to do that is creating individual products for a paper book and its digital copy.

The second method is to keep one product with two options (ebook and printed version) and to write a script which is, based on order information, will send a link to the digital copy. Please note, in this case you need to store all digital copies on your own server.

This development will use our Webhooks service: to send a notification about an order to your script. After that your script will be able to get detailed information about the order via our Order API:

Originally Posted by Jeff Palumbo1 View Post
3) When publishers load their content on my site (publisher platform) I should be able to create an API which automatically loads that content into the store, correct?
Absolutely. Check out Ecwid API page: and its Upload Product File section: for more details.

Originally Posted by Jeff Palumbo1 View Post
4) Finally, for comics, I want people in my store to be able to search by genre, title, publisher, artist, etc (just like Amazon does). Creating the categories seems easy enough but can I link sub-categories to main categories? For example, my title is called Chimera. The genre is Horror, publisher is Spinwhiz and name is Jeff. Those are 3 different categories but all the same piece of content. How do I do that?
In order allow your customers to use different filters for search is creating product filters powered by our Faceted Search API. You can learn about it here:
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