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Question Digital Comic Book Delivery System

Hello ECWID Community!

I just signed up for the free account and I'm looking to bump up to Unlimited. However, there were a couple questions I couldn't find the answers to that I was hoping the community may be able to help on. I want to offer both digital reading (from store to "library on site or on app") and PDF download. So, here are my questions:

1) Does ECWID allow for upload of PDF to be sold in a store? I would think yes but I have no clue how from what I can find on the site and I can't find a store doing it today.

2) I want to see both digital content (to the app) AND/OR PDF downloads. How can I set up my store to allow the original PDF (from question 1) become 2 different items to be sold?

3) When publishers load their content on my site (publisher platform) I should be able to create an API which automatically loads that content into the store, correct?

4) Finally, for comics, I want people in my store to be able to search by genre, title, publisher, artist, etc (just like Amazon does). Creating the categories seems easy enough but can I link sub-categories to main categories? For example, my title is called Chimera. The genre is Horror, publisher is Spinwhiz and name is Jeff. Those are 3 different categories but all the same piece of content. How do I do that?

Thanks all for your help!