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Originally Posted by Chloe Truffles Hidalgo View Post
Okay so, I set up an online payment thing on my Facebook business page with ecwid, and I normally copy the link and send it to those who want to make deposit payments...up until last week, the link worked perfectly, but then people started emailing saying the link is broken.

The thing is, it works PERFECTLY on mine, even when I log out of Facebook (at first I thought it's because these people don't have FB accounts) I tested it on 3 browsers: firefox, safari, and chrome...and on 3 different computers, and they ALL work.

But it works for some and not for others...anyone know the reason for this? Please help, I've had to meet some of these people in person just to take the payment :/
Hello Chloe,

Thanks for choosing Ecwid!

I am sorry that you have faced this issue. Let’s find out together what the problem might be.

I have checked your store and I see that you have configured two payment methodsPayPal and Phone Order.

Also I have placed a few test orders with both payment options and everything worked as it should.

Can you provide me with the link that you was sending to your customers? So that I could test it and try to understand what is not working.
Cyril D.
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