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Originally Posted by Buck Nakeds View Post
Same problem as noted above: 1 unit is showing up at 2 unit price. Unit pricing in dashboard is correct. Website: Shopping cart error:!/~/cart Single unit price should be $5.95, not $11.90. Please help...we cannot go live till this is resolved

I've inspected your store. Everything works as expected. The $11.90 is the sum of the base product price and the selected option price.

Please look at this product in your store:

Its price is $5.95 and the first available option is "4 ounce" with "+$5.95" price modifier. When you add that product to the cart, the price is calculated as $5.95 (base price) + $5.95 (option extra charge).

The thing is the product options price modifiers are designed to add up or deduct from the base product price, not to replace it. If you want the product to cost $5.95 for 4 ounce, you will need to set the 4 ounce option's price modifier as $0. Please refer to this article for the details on product options:
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