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Lightbulb What does your current order management look like?

Do you want to let advanced technology manage your orders?
I'm building Bountium, a tool that leverages smart contracts to help you track orders and react automatically to them.
You can automate order fulfillment for a dropshipping business, or set up more complex reactions - restocking a product after a certain number of orders, placing supply orders to a multi-step supply chain, or even creating unique customised products for every single customer.
We're building lots more features beyond order management as well - our vision is to automate all business operations. Any thoughts on what you don't like spending time doing as a business owner - from hiring to employee performance tracking to commission payments - are welcome so we can prioritise your needs.
We realise we're using some experimental technology, so if this is too out there for you, no worries at all if you're brave enough to give us a try and tell us what you think, please, let me know!