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Originally Posted by ViberShield Technologies View Post
Quick question,

When using the woocommerce store export, does it strip the contents from the existing site or just create a copy?

We want to establish numerous accounts with you and this feature saves our clients tons of time whcih is tons of money, lol

Hello Joe,
Sorry for the radio silence!

I can see that you've already contacted us by email, so I presume the question was resolved.

Yet, in case someone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar question in the future:

Like most other e-commerce solutions (and accounting programs, as a matter of fact), both Ecwid and Woocommerce export/import items with .CSV files. i.e. we just create a neat .csv file on request, based on your store's product/order/customer data. So, this could be called a copy, I guess.

I've found this article describing export in Woocommerce:

And this article describes importing products into Ecwid, that should help with setting correct import settings:

Hope this helps someone