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Originally Posted by Ken Rodgers View Post
I have a six year old Wordpress website hosted on Godaddy where, among a number of other things, I sell DVDs. I have used Paypal Business for collecting the money and have decided to change my shopping cart solution. My Wordpress theme is Gravel 4.5.3. Can I use my Paypal business application in concert with ECWID and my Wordpress site?
Hi Ken,

This is Irene from Ecwid Customer Care Team. I'm very sorry for the delayed reply!

Yes, you can use PayPal Business account to accept payments in your Ecwid store. For users the setup process should be as follows:

1) Log into your Ecwid control panel on this page:
2) To add products you're selling, please go on the Catalog page. Feel free to remove demo products before adding your own.
3) Then go to Settings > Payment, choose PayPal as payment method and add the email connected to your PayPal Business account there. Then, please, follow the instructions from this article to set up everything on PayPl backend: From this moment your PayPal account is connected with your Ecwid store, and all payments for the orders, which customers place, will go there.
4) After that you should set up shipping rates and taxes.
5) The next step is to insert Ecwid on your Wordpress website. No coding experience is requered, as it can be easily done with a couple of clicks through Ecwid plagin for Wordpress. Please, follow these instructions to add your store on any of your site pages:

That's it! Your store is added on your site, and you can start selling right now.

Please, keep in mind that Ecwid offers to use not only PayPal Standard, but also PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Payflow Link, and PayPal Payments Pro solutions. You can choose which is better for you. Read more info about different PayPal options in this article:

You mentioned in the previous message that you use the Gravel theme. Generally, all Wordpress themes can be used with Ecwid, and you can also use our Chameleon skin feature to make your store design more suitable for your website appearance. Chameleon detects predominant colors and font and automatically uses them in your product catalog. You can enable Chameleon on the "Advanced" tab in the Ecwid plugin settings in your Wordpress backend:

If any questions appear, please feel free to ask.