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Some time ago the ecwid team added very useful classes for this, you can find them following these instructions.

For example, with Chrome you can Right click > Inspect Element over your "size" option, and you'll see something like this (screenshot attached):

"ecwid-productoption-4005-Size-container" refers to this product option only
"ecwid-productBrowser-details-optionPanel" --> every option in all your products
"ecwid-productBrowser-details-optionPanel-radio" --> every radio buttons option
"ecwid-productoption-Size-container" --> every option with the title "Size"

So if you want to change, say, the title of your "Size" option in all your products to blue, you can add this code to the bottom of your custom CSS theme:
div.ecwid-productoption-Size-container label.ecwid-fieldLabel {
    color: blue;
Don't worry about the "html#ecwid_html...".

Sometimes it's a bit more complex but this is a good start.
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