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I have inspected your store setup, and found that you have 2 specific zones correctly set, and 2 charges assigned for them in "Main shipping" user defined method. Everything is right, except for the fact that the charges list starts with The World zone, and after it there are your 2 more specific zones.

The shipping charges apply from top to bottom of the list. Ecwid goes along the list and matches the address to the zone in each charge. Once a fitting charge has been found, the search is over and the found charge is used to calculate shipping.

The World zone matches any address. If it is on the top of you charges, it will always be used for every shipping calculation. Make the charge for The World zone to appear last on the list (drag it down with the mouse). Save the settings and refresh your shop page; since then your shipping will be calculated as you want it to: аirst Ecwid will try to match the address to your 2 more specific zones, and only if they do not match address, Ecwid will use the charge for The World zone.