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Lightbulb Google starts indexing AJAX sites. Deprecated AJAX crawling scheme

On October 2015 Google announced Deprecating AJAX crawling scheme. That's good news: now Ecwid store pages can be natively indexed by Google as well as with the help of Google AJAX Indexing. In this post I am going to answer the most frequent questions about Google indexing and Ecwid stores.


Q: Can my Ecwid store be indexed by Google?
A: Yes, your store can be indexed. At the moment you can either rely on Google AJAX Indexing scheme or wait until Google natively indexes your Ecwid store.

Q: I have a brand new Ecwid store. Should I use Google AJAX Indexing scheme in my store?
A: As Google says, the Google AJAX Indexing scheme is not required anymore for indexing of AJAX sites. So you can wait until Google natively indexes your store. You are still able to start using Google AJAX Indexing, as long as it continues working.

Q: I use Google AJAX Indexing in my store. What should I do?
A: You do not need to immediately change anything. Your store would still be indexed by Google. Google AJAX Indexing is still working and it let Googlebot index your store.

Q: I just created a new website on Wordpress (Joomla, Drupal or Wix) platform. Will Google index my store added on this site?
A: Ecwid official plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and ‘Ecwid for Wix’ app support Google AJAX indexing at the moment. This scheme is still working and your store will be indexed by Google.

Please, read on the post below to learn more about Google indexing in your store.

Remote Past: How Google Indexed Sites 7 Year Ago

To cut the long story short, the web pages work as follows:
  • The web browser receives the HTML code of the page from the server.
  • Then browser reads HTML code and starts displaying the page.
  • The HTML code of the page may include JavaScript allowing to dynamically change its content, for example to add snowflakes falling down. Such JavaScript is rendered in the user’s web browser.

About 7 years ago Google could not render the JavaScript on web pages. Once Google requested the page from the server, it received the HTML and JavaScript codes of the page. Google read the HTML code but didn’t render the JavaScript.

That is why all websites built with the help of JavaScript could not be indexed by Google.

Recent Past: What Happened in 2009

The number of websites and applications created with the help of JavaScript was getting bigger dramatically. This new technology was called ‘AJAX’. AJAX allows to create user-friendly websites that loads faster.

In 2009 Google created a brand new technology allowing to index AJAX applications: Google AJAX Indexing. Google still was not able to render JavaScript, but they found the way to bypass it.

The idea is the following:
  • The web pages built with the help of JavaScript have specific URL structure: URL addresses should include '#!' part (hashbang URLs).
  • Google detects a hashbang URL and generates a special “secret” URL address where the '#!' part is replaced with the '_escaped_fragment_' part.
  • The '_escaped_fragment_' URL address opens HTML version of the web page without Javascript.
  • Google goes to the '_escaped_fragment_' URL and reads the HTML copy of that page with necessary title, meta tags, links to other pages etc.

For example, Google sees the link

The 'hashbang' part enables Google AJAX Indexing. Googlebot goes to this link

At this page the site generates HTML code without JavaScript.

Google AJAX Indexing allowed to index AJAX websites. Yet, this scheme didn’t work everywhere. In order to get indexed, the site should generate special versions of its pages built without JavaScript.

As you may already know, Ecwid is an AJAX application. The online stores of our clients are built by means of JavaScript. So, Google AJAX Indexing allowed to index Ecwid stores.

Google AJAX Indexing is enabled in Ecwid official plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and in ‘Ecwid for Wix’ app. It also works in Ecwid installations on Muse sites.

Today and Tomorrow: Google Announced a Brand New Indexing Scheme

Recently Google posted an announce in their blog: Deprecating our AJAX crawling scheme. The system is now able to render HTML and JavaScript in its ‘internal browser’ and to index the end result. It means that now Google can understand pages with the content delivered dynamically by means of JavaScript.

As Google says, at the moment it is technically possible to get AJAX sites indexed without using '_escaped_fragment_' URLs and Google AJAX indexing. The only condition is you should not block Googlebot from crawling your JavaScript files.

Why are we excited about that, you ask. Ta-da! In the nearest future your Ecwid store can be natively indexed by Google, i.e. without implementing of Google AJAX Indexing scheme. Just add Ecwid on your site as usual.

Isn't it fantastic?

What We Do

Ecwid doesn’t block Googlebot from crawling JavaScript. So, Google can index Ecwid stores and we already have the examples of stores indexed this way.

At present we are working on the new features to make Ecwid pages more Google-friendly. For example, we already added meta descriptions on the store pages.

Summary: What About my Ecwid Store?

If you already use Google AJAX Indexing in your store, there is no need to immediately change this scheme.

Google just started indexing JavaScript. Now it is rendering JavaScript only on some web pages (which have been recently visited by Googlebot). The old Ecwid stores in Google database won’t become searchable automatically. Googlebot should visit and index them again. It requires some time for sure.

As for Google AJAX indexing, it is still working and your store can be indexed.

If you added your store on a new website on Wordpress (Joomla, Drupal or Wix) platform, Google AJAX indexing will be enabled in your store. Your store will be indexed by Google.

Again, Google AJAX indexing continues to work and it will allow Googlebot to index your Ecwid store.

If you haven’t yet implemented Google AJAX Indexing on your site, you can either start using this scheme or wait until Google natively indexes your Ecwid store.

At the moment we are monitoring the situation in order to make sure that everything is working perfectly without Google AJAX Indexing. After that we will see what should be done with Google AJAX Indexing for Ecwid stores. We will surely update you if we find something that needs to be changed.

Feel free to ask your questions and leave a feedback in this thread. We’d be happy to assist you further.

Happy selling!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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